Counselling On-Line - How does it work?

On-Line counselling consists of a 60-minute session at an agreed time. Once you decide to do an Initial Consultation all you need to do is to provide me with your e-mail and mobile number. If you have insurance, I only need your pre-authorisation number.

If we agree to meet via Zoom I will send a Zoom link close to your appointment time. Alternatively, I will call via WhatsApp or FaceTime at the agreed appointment time. For Skype sessions you first set up a Skype account which is added to my system by invitation once you share your 'Skype address'.

I am aware that some therapists offer brief initial chats prior to commencing therapy. In reality it is often very difficult to avoid talking about the main presenting issues, something which is best left for a full therapeutic setting where emotions can be therapeutically managed and contained. In addition, per my training and clinical experience, a brief chat does not offer sufficient interaction in order to do a proper assessment which allows both of us to better decide if there is a good therapeutic fit. This is the purpose of the Initial Consultation.

On-Line Counselling sessions can be pre-paid using the Fees page on this website to pay by PayPal, which takes most major credit cards. You do not need to have a PayPal account to pay via this website. If you prefer, we can also arrange payment via Bank Transfer.

To arrange an appointment you can email me at, or text me at 07793 756074. I generally respond very quickly. It can help if you let me know some preferred days and times you are hoping to book.